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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

An end, a beginning or?,

I have never really viewed New Year's Eve as the end or a new beginning, tonight as I write I know it's definitely not the end of a chapter or the beginning of one rather the continuation of a story and what a story.

Our social worker visited today and on leaving said that she had absolutely no concerns, child 4 has settled in with the family as if he has always been here. And I whole heartedly agree he is number 4 our youngest son and the baby brother. A dream fulfilled for me, a way of life altered, a family transformed and 99% for the better. I have watched my birth children's capacity for love overflow, I have seen how family members accept with truth and sincerity a new addition, without any prejudice and I have observed how a whole community have just been there, offering words of support or just a smile or a hand on my shoulder when managing 4 children is becoming a feat of extreme patience.

I will of course promise myself that this year I'll look after my vegetable patch better, will clean the house more often, be much more patient with the children and of course eat less chocolate but those could be weekly or even daily resolutions. Instead, I should just follow my dreams and ensure that all my children have the confidence to do the same.

2013 brought us child 4, child 3 became a junior, child 1 started her GCSE years. Child 1 has taken part in speech and drama exams and competitions achieving distinctions and a second place, child 2 is beginning to grow into a young adult and child 3 came second in her gymnastics competition. 2014  will be bringing the finalization, fingers, toes and eyes crossed of the adoption and child 4 will carry our surname, he will legally be ours, child 2 will be entering his teens , child 3 has her First  Holy Communion and we will be have been married for 16 years.

Just think if we hadn't taken that chance on marriage, hadn't risked more than one child, hadn't followed our dreams, where would we be today???

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