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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Salt of the Earth

As part of the health and safety check the social services carry out to ensure that our house is safe and suitable for a young child (I know we already have 3 children whom have grown up very safely here) we have had to have the boiler serviced. So I called in our local, friendly tradesman man who in the way of local friendly chaps eventually turned up about 3 weeks from when first promised. After initial hellos and embarrassment about the amount of dust around our boiler, in my defence it's a built in unit, I explained about our adoption plans. This lovely mans man had tears in his eyes he couldn't believe that after having 3 birth children we would want to take in someone else's child rather than giving birth to number 4, that we were doing this because we wanted to not because we had too.I actually felt humbled in his eyes, that we as a family could bring this man to tears because we want another child and want to take one from the system rather than create one. I can only hope we are good enough!?!

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