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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A seven year olds tale of morality

Had a lovely day out with child number 3 yesterday, probably because it was all about her. Build a Bear, a new dress and sandals and a Happy Meal. But, I just have to share two stories.
Firstly, driving into Bath we saw an amazing rainbow and did you know, that if someone stole the gold from the end of the rainbow all the colours would disappear and the world would be all grey!!!!!! Child number 3was very very worried that someone would steal the gold because so many people are greedy and want lots of money. There must be a moral there somewhere.
  Secondly, we were talking about number 4 arriving and whether it would be a boy or a girl, I suggested maybe getting one of each, number 3  looked at me in horror "No way!!!" Her brow furrowed slightly and she continued "Just one to start then in about", she then proceeded to count on her fingers to work out the difference in age between herself and the potential number 4 (we are aiming for a 3 year old) 4 years we can have another!!!!!!!!!!!!

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