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Sunday, 14 December 2014


Only 5 days until the end of term, not that I'm counting or anything! I think that December is by far the busiest month of the school year, it's packed full of carol singing, nativity plays, gym shows, Panto and Christmas Parties. Then, all of a sudden it stops, term finishes for the little ones at lunchtime on Friday and the older two at 3pm. There are no more after school activities, no more packed lunches to make and no more baking at 10pm.

Everything almost stops and all that is left is family and close friend events, the ones where you can just be. It doesn't matter if one or all the kids have a meltdown as everyone just takes it all in their stride which is perhaps why they don't.

The Christmas holiday is by far my most favourite, I have since childhood always loved the magic and now as I grow older I appreciate all the preparation, I love the buying and the wrapping of presents, decorating the tree and the house,  the making of mince pies, stir up Sunday and icing the Christmas cake and most of all I love  the fact that the excess of life kinda stops, leaving us with nothing but time to spend with those we love.

Christmas time is about family and close friends, we spend our days meeting up with those we love, eating together, walking the dogs, playing board games or cosying up in front of a roaring fire, eating chocolates and watching a family movie. These are the gifts of Christmas I want to hand down to my children not the gifts that cost money but the gifts that are worth so much more - time, love, laughter, and of course cheating and fighting over Pictionary!!

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