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Monday, 11 August 2014

Five find a treasure island

We met up with my sister, my parents and aunt down in North Devon this week. Which meant we were definitely in for an adventure.

My sister had rented a cottage that was just a stones throw away from the river so after lunch I walked all the children the two, very long miles down to Watersmeet for a cream tea.  I love the river  it's just packed full of exciting exploring for children to do, the older ones climb the rocks trying to follow the river by rock hopping rather than following the path where as child 4 is happy to collect sticks and rocks to throw into the water. The weather held out for us, the sun streaming through the canopy of branches, dancing across the water making it glitter and shine.

About halfway into our walk we came across an island sitting in the middle of a large pool, the river eased off from its white waters and became still and inviting. Irresistible to the children who launched themselves into the water to swim to the island, where games of survival and treasure hunting were played.

Fascinating to watch even the older teenagers taking part, forgetting briefly about being cool to just enjoy being young.

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