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Friday, 25 April 2014

Star gazing

I love those nights when the sky is clear and as the dark blankets the earth, out come the bright flickerings of the stars. More often than not I only catch them if I have been out and return home late. As I either walk up the hill or climb out of the car I can't help but be drawn to them. We live at the top of a hill just on the edge of a city and so on those clear nights we can easily make out the constellations.  A couple of years ago we visited a local planetarium and learnt how to look for the constellations in the skies above us. We can now pick out Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Orion's Belt, Hercules, and the Seven Sisters. There is something truly magical about a starry night,  all our dreams seem to be held amongst the stars, if only we could just reach up and touch them.

Child 4 received another gift yesterday, from a couple of amazing mums in the playground. They have had a star in the Andromeda system named after him. The idea itself was magical but to show how they just "get " me, one said, as I opened the tin containing all the information " you can share this in your next letter to his birth parents." How amazing, child 4's birth mum will be able to look into the sky whenever she wishes and look for his shining light. Wherever we are in the world we all sit beneath the same sky, the same sun, moon and stars and we wish for so many of the same things. Love, happiness, family, friends and peace.  I have always encouraged my children to reach for the stars, perhaps I should also remind them that no matter where they go they will still be able to look up into the skies and look at the same moon and stars that I watch until they come home.

Thank you

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