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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A bag of wishes

For the religious celebrations in our household such as Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation we ask our guests to donate to a specific charity rather than buy gifts if they wish too.  For us it's about the celebration not the gifts, our children have everything they really need. Anyway  you only need one bible, one rosary and one prayer book. The children choose their charities so child 1 chose a children's hospice and child 2 chose the shark trust when they made their First Holy Communion. For child 4's baptism we chose an adoption charity. Of course some people still wish to buy a gift so we had a beautiful rose tree to go with the two cherry and the apple tree the older children received at their baptism. There is something so appropriate about planting trees for baptisms, roots to feed and nurture so that the flowers and fruit blossom abundantly. He also received some beautiful books and toys. But for me the most inspired was a little jewellery bag and inside was

An eraser             - to rub away all your worries
A candle.              - to brighten your day
A piece of string.  - to tie things together when everything is falling apart
A penny.               - so that you will never be broke
A tickling feather - to help you smile
Angel wings.       - to know that you will always be loved and looked after.

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