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Saturday, 31 January 2015

a potty trial

On Wednesday afternoon child 4 decided that he didn't need a nappy anymore. Wahey, celebrations, hand clapping galore, the waiting until he was ready seemed to have worked..........

There have been signs that he was beginning to recognise his nappy, he used to hide when filling it and then deny having had a pooh when the delightful aroma would reach its smelly tendrils up our nostrils. Only a couple of days before, I walked into the bathroom and there he was sitting in the dark on his potty. He sent me away and then did his business and flushed it all away.

Wednesday was a success, he managed all afternoon to use the potty, he wouldn't let any of us help him and certainly didn't want any spectators. A bit of that control Behaviour rearing its head, but he was doing so well we decided to go with the flow. Thursday was nursery, so I packed his bag with spare clothes including new pants, wipes and nappies just in case. J his key worker was excited and more than happy to go with child 4's demands, I wasn't sure how it would go, I was hoping that because toilets in a nursery are a kind of children's community meeting place all would be well. Foolish, foolish, foolish. Child 4 refused to use the potty and had a melt down when the little toilets were suggested. So he came home with bags of wet clothes. J and I attempted to talk to him about what he wanted to do but he just shut us out, talking about anything else but potties. J asked  "Would you like to bring in your potty from home?" Child 4 answered "Can I go outside now"   Today was an exact replica, he wanted to wear pants but just wouldn't use the potty.

We have decided to see how the weekend goes, I've promised to let him buy a new potty to take to nursery on Monday - he of course wants a cow one or maybe a pink one, please please please go for a pink one - Amazon amazingly do have a cow potty but at £25 not sure I really want to go that route - I'll be pushing for a pink one!

I am honestly not worried if he wants to wait a bit or if he wants to keep on trying, the others just got on with it too and when accidents happened they just put their wet clothes in the washing machine. None of the older ones emptied their potty though. They would proudly show me there potty fillings. Child 4 though oh so different and despite being proud that we are making headway I am sad that it's all hidden away and I am having to gently remind him that independence although a good thing isn't always a requirement when you are 3 years old and have a family to help you.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog last night and was immediately drawn to the warmth and love that shines here, something that isn't always obvious in the written word and anonymity of cyber space. I have read every one now, starting from the beginning. I have huge respect for you and and your very special family. I hope life is kind to you all and all your children achieve their potential, I'm sure they will. You are remarkable, thank you for taking the time to share your journey xxx