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Thursday, 24 July 2014

He's not adopted, he's ours.

Children are incredible, their way at looking at the world is something that we lose through age or experience. There's me who is often aware that child 4 is adopted and therefore may need understanding, compassion and a watchful eye. And then there are his older siblings who view him as their brother, he may be a pest, he may tantrum and he may need their compassion but for them that's just how it is. They have just accepted him as he is and love him regardless.

We have had a magical couple of days, the sun has shone and the skies are blue. It's the first week of the summer holidays and we have been to the local cathedral gardens and the secret garden, where the children have climbed trees, played pooh sticks, climbed hills and slid down them. They've created imaginary tree houses with slides, swings and secret passageways. We've played football and rounders ( using an empty water bottle and a pink foam football) and eaten lashings of picnic food.
We have returned home hot, exhausted and pink cheeked, just like the famous five did following their tremendous adventures. But it was today when child 3 and her friend were dawdling home with me, child 1 and child 4 trailing behind when I overheard child 3 say " oh, he's not adopted, he's ours"

I could have cried, well maybe I did, just a little tear - love and pride!!

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